At Joya, we believe that happiness is key when it comes to dining. Sharing a meal with family and friends, having long conversations over a bottle of wine or catching up over cocktails. It is nights like these that turn into cherished memories.

Joya offers fine dining inspired by mostly Thai and Japanese cuisine. At Joya, you are able to experience the amazing flavors of Asian cuisine in a fine dining venue. All of our dishes are prepared in a classic French manner. We believe that the best way to share a meal, is to sháre a meal. Therefore, all of our dishes are designed to be shared amongst guests, allowing you to taste Joya’s many flavors.

Situated on the Spuistraat, our beautiful restaurant is easily reached by foot, tram or train. Our bar offers an extensive cocktail menu and carefully selected wine list. Our sommeliers and bartenders are more than happy to advise you.

Joya is open from 18:00 hrs on Wednesday till Saturday.
Closed on Sunday till Tuesdays.